in this site can buy the items offered for sale for:

Zema srls, owner of the site itself. For any information on the articles, questions regarding the buying process, order progress or submission of any complaints, please refer to the available and up-to-date contacts on the dedicated page of our site. Below you will find the terms of purchase and the general terms and conditions of sale on-line for you. By clicking on "I accept the terms of sale" within our e-commerce, you will explicitly accept the following:

1. The contract: the items in our e-commerce can be purchased until stocks run out in accordance with these conditions sales, which are an integral part of the purchase contract; it is possible that some articles are, without warning, removed from sale;

2. Obligations to the buyer: by accepting the present conditions of sale the buyer guarantees under his own responsibility the truthfulness of all the data provided at registration and at the time of the order by committing himself to hold Zema srls free of any claim or action in connection with the purchase due The provision of false or incomplete information;

3. Completion of the contract: the sending of the order by filling out the form provided on the site has the value of proposing the purchase of the selected articles and involves the acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale and consent (pursuant to article 10 D.Lgs. 185/1999) to receive subsequent communications from Zema srls aimed at the enforcement of the order itself. The purchase will be finalized upon receipt by the buyer of the order confirmation email sent by Zema srls. This confirmation will be sent as soon as the items purchased are ready for shipment and, in the case of credit card payment, only if the payment has been successful. In the absence of such confirmation the contract will not be considered perfect. In the event that the order can not be completely avoided for example because of the unavailability of some of the items requested, Zema srls will promptly inform the buyer and will repay as soon as possible the consideration of missing items;

4. Prices and taxes: all prices on the site are in Euro and inclusive of VAT. The list published on the Site is valid at the time of purchase and may be modified by Zema srls at any time without prior notice. You may also change these sales conditions in addition to offers, discounts, promotions, and in general all the content of the site. Each change deletes and replaces the previous contents and information. It is understood that once the order has been made, its prices and conditions will no longer be altered. At the expense of the articles are automatically added from the site and are part of the total cost of the order the expenses for the delivery of the items;

5. Payment by credit card: credit card payments are made through the Banca Sella provider to which the site redirects automatically when this payment method is chosen. In order to make payment, the buyer is required to provide Zema srls with their credit card details. These data will be processed in encrypted mode directly by the server and therefore Zema srls will in no way be able to handle or archive them. The aforesaid provider will, through the international authorization circuits, obtain authorization for the transaction from the institution that issued the credit card;

6. Mode of delivery: for items available at time of order, delivery will be made in Italy via courier at the address indicated in the order in the fastest order and in any case within five business days of the confirmation of order evasion. These times are indicated only as an indication and can not be considered binding in any case; Zema srls only carries the obligation to deliver the goods by returning it to the courier in charge of performing and / or performing the delivery (Article 1510 cc) and can not be held liable for any delays by the courier, Items to be purchased. However, it is understood that Zema srls will issue an invoice on the date of dispatch. If the consignee is absent at the time of the first delivery, the courier will try to follow a second delivery and then in case of further absence the consignee will leave a stock notice and keep the items at the disposal of the recipient who will have to personally pick up the place and Within the terms indicated in the notice itself. Expired terms of withdrawal will be returned at the risk and expense of the buyer at V.le Michelangelo, 35-37 Foggia 71121, where they will be held for free for a maximum of fifteen days at the disposal of the Buyer for a subsequent last delivery attempt, always at the risk and expense of the buyer. Such submission will be made only after payment of all the other charges by the buyer;

7. Right of withdrawal: pursuant to article 5 of Legislative Decree 185/1999, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract without the need to provide explanations and without any penalty (right of withdrawal). In order to exercise this right, the buyer must inform Zema srls of his wish to withdraw through the special section provided on the site. Such communication must be made within 14 working days from the date of receipt of the items. In case of withdrawal, the costs of returning the goods are to be borne by the buyer only if they have received a free shipment and the goods travel at their own risk; It is essential for the exercise of the right of withdrawal that the goods are returned in the original shipping package complete, complete including labels and tags and without any damage; Only in this case Zema srls will, upon receipt of the returned items, make the transfer of the amount relating to all the expenses and charges payable to the buyer;

8. Warranty and Replacement: pursuant to and for the purposes of the Consumption Code (D.Lgs 6 September 2005, No 206, Article 128 et seq.), Zema srls warrants that the items purchased through its site are free from defects and defects. The items on sale on the site are described and rendered visibly accurate and correspond to the features actually possessed; It is not possible, however, for technical reasons, to ensure the exact match to the reality of images and colors as they appear on the buyer's monitor. In the event that the buyer finds any defects or defects in the items purchased, or in the event of delivery of non-compliant items, the purchaser will have to report these defects, defects or non-conformities promptly and in any case within two months of Discovery of the defect; Otherwise, the items will have to be understood as accepted at the time of delivery. The communication must be made by means of the appropriate form on the website (at this address) in which the buyer must also indicate whether he prefers to get the purchase price repurchase or replacement of the goods; In both cases, the buyer will be contacted by Zema srls in order to agree on the terms of delivery or replacement; Under no circumstances will any unauthorized refunds be accepted. The items returned to the sender as defective or non-conforming will be examined by Zema srls for the purpose of verifying whether they are defective or not in compliance with the agreement; Only in the case of a successful outcome of this examination, Zema srls will repay the purchase price or deliver at the expense of the replacement items; Zema srls has the right to repay the purchase price if there is no substitute item available. This warranty is not applicable and therefore fails in relation to what the Consumer knew or could not ignore through the use of ordinary diligence in visual inspection at the time of delivery of the goods; To articles that show defects or non-conformity resulting from claims or negligence of the buyer; To articles that exhibit defects resulting from normal aging, exposure to light, heat and / or atmospheric agents; To articles comunque manomessi and / or damaged; Defective items due to improper use, abuse, poor preservation;

9. Force majeure: Zema srls will not be liable in the event of delays, malfunctions, interruptions in the operation of the Site and execution of the sales contract caused by force majeure events, tampering or interventions or other unforeseeable facts and out of the reasonable control of Zema srls;

10. Final clauses: the purchase agreement between the buyer and Zema srls will still be concluded in Italy and will be governed by the Italian law. Except as expressly governed by these general conditions of sale, reference is made to the provisions of the Italian Civil Code and the special laws applicable in Italy. For any dispute arising out of or in connection with this contract, the forum of the place of residence or domicile of the buyer will be competent if located in the territory of the Republic of Italy, while the Forum of Foggia, Italy, will be solely responsible in any other case. The text of the terms of sale is in Italian; Any translations into other languages are by no means binding on Zema srls.